Phenomenology – The Gateway to Existentialism 1

We come now to the part of the series where I branch out. By no means have we reached a proficiency of the ancients, or really covered their styles with any kind of flair or expertise, but I feel that we could spend the whole of this summer with them and still not cover it to my satisfaction. We will have to save the rest for actual class time. Today I want to begin the kind of philosophy that I really love. 

The Basic Substances – Thales of Miletus

What are you made out of? Can you break your composition down to the essential components of what makes you, you? Can you understand the basic core concepts of any substance? If you could, what would you find? Now, I understand that scientific breakthroughs in the last few hundred years have dramatically limited the scopeContinue reading “The Basic Substances – Thales of Miletus”

Mythology as the First Explanation

Why do Earthquakes happen? Tornadoes? Hailstorms? Floods? How can we react to them and how should we feel about disasters? Are they normal, or something to worry about? With our relatively newfound understanding of the world, it is much easier to look to the sky’s weather patterns, tectonic plates, or the sun’s spots to understand why these happen, but that was not the case for most peoples through time.