About Me


Paul Warmbier is an essayist, memoirist, teacher, and woodworker living in McMinnville, Oregon. His essays have appeared in various journals and outlets from The Lutheran Hour – Thred, Punctuate, Allegory Ridge, Under the Sun, and Watershed Review. Paul earned his MFA in Creative Non-Fiction from the University of Idaho in 2017 where he was the assistant Non-Fiction editor of the Fugue Journal. Paul is the author of Geometry of Fire a memoir exploring his time in the Marine Corps Infantry deployed to Iraq in 2004 and 2005, coming home to deal with PTSD and the social stigma surrounding mental health disorders.

Additionally, Paul writes essays about the act of creation and creativity in the woodshop as well as on the page. Currently, Paul is a High School Language Arts and Creative Writing teacher in Dayton, Oregon.


Geometry of Fire


“An Enemy We Created” – McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

“Added Weight”- Watershed Review

“Rubble and Rot” – Under the Sun

“A Fall in Zion” – Allegory Ridge

“A Sanctuary of Wood” – Punctuate.


A Vision of His Life Years After Torture”  Linerider Press

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